Fees & charges

Crunching the numbers

Qantas Cash gives you more bang for your buck offering a raft of fee free transactions and services10. Unlike some prepaid cards, it comes with fee free load options, and no ongoing account management fees10 making it the perfect way to make your holiday money travel further. Plus, eligible Australians can receive complimentary Qantas Frequent Flyer membership with Qantas Cash, saving you $89.50.

The table below makes it easy to understand what’s free and what carries a fee when it comes to using Qantas Cash.

Fee Value
Purchase, transaction, cash out, card to card transfer or monthly fee No fee10
Currency conversion fee No fee11
International ATM withdrawal fee (outside Australia) AUD 1.95; USD 1.95; GBP 1.25; EUR 1.50; THB 70; NZD 2.50; SGD 2.50; HKD 15.00; CAD 2.00; JPY 160; AED 6.5012
Bank Transfer or BPAY® load fee No fee
Debit Card Load fee 1% of the total load amount13

Top Tip

When making a purchase or an ATM withdrawal overseas you may be asked if you would like to transact in Australian dollars rather than the local currency. If you have the local currency loaded onto Qantas Cash and select to pay in Australian dollars this may result in a foreign exchange transaction at additional cost to you. This is known as Dynamic Currency Conversion.

To avoid this potential additional cost when you have local currency loaded onto Qantas Cash, select to pay in the local currency rather than Australian dollars.