Currencies & rates

With Qantas Cash there are a number of ways you can load and spend foreign currency:

  1. Lock in the exchange rate before you go - with 10 currencies to choose from you can lock in the rate to avoid currency fluctuations and know exactly what you have available to spend on your travels.
  1. Load Australian dollars and spend worldwide - if you’re travelling to a destination where we don’t offer a locked in rate - such as Bali, China or South Africa, you can load and spend Australian dollars and the Qantas Cash Daily Rate will be applied to any spend. You can use the currency conversion tool to check the exchange rate on a daily basis and check what rates will apply to your purchases or ATM withdrawals.

Lock and load foreign currency.

Check out today's rates for our 10 loadable currencies in the table below. The handy currency converter tool will tell you exactly how much your Australian dollars will buy of these currencies if loaded within the next four hours.3

If I have:
If I want:

Load Australian dollars, spend in any currency

Simply load Australian dollars and be safe in the knowledge that you can spend at millions of MasterCard locations worldwide with a 0% currency conversion fee. We will simply apply the Qantas Cash Daily Rates used in the currency converter below.

The Qantas Cash Daily Rate generated by the currency conversion tool is a daily indicative rate. It may vary when settled from that disclosed in the currency conversion tool on the date of purchase where merchants do not settle the transaction on the same day as purchase. The Qantas Cash Daily Rate and historical rates are also ​available by contacting MasterCard Qantas Cash Global Support on 1300 825 302 (or +61 1300 825 302 outside of Australia).

If I have




I will get


Spending between currencies

Qantas Cash is great for cutting down on foreign currency exchanges whilst you’re travelling. The funds on your card are treated as a single pool of funds, even if you have loaded more than one currency. This means that if you don’t have enough loaded in a particular currency, loaded funds can be retrieved from your overall balance in the default order of priority to fund the transaction. As a currency conversion will be required to fund the transaction, a currency conversion will apply, but you’ll be secure in the knowledge you still have access to funds.

For more information about spending between currencies, moving funds between currencies, transferring funds to another person’s Qantas Cash facility and more, our FAQs are a good place to start.