Manage your account

Manage your Qantas Cash facility on the go and stay in control of your spending, wherever you are in the world.

To make your life simpler, Qantas Cash lets you manage your facility via our website across all of your devices including desktop, mobile and tablet, wherever you may roam.

Your account

You can load money, move money between supported currencies, transfer money instantly to other Qantas Cash Australia cardholders, monitor your balances, view your transaction history, update your details, and cash out the funds on your card to your Australian bank account at any time via the website.

To make life even simpler you can manage your account via the Qantas Cash mobile app for iOS and Android.

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Your default currency

You can also change your default currency from Australian Dollars to another currency via the website at any time. Your default currency is the currency that will be automatically loaded when you deposit directly from your bank account using Bank Transfer or BPAY®, rather than via the website where you can choose to load in up to 10 different currencies. For more information on default currencies, click here.

Getting your PIN

Getting your PIN is easy. After you’ve successfully applied to activate Qantas Cash you can retrieve your PIN in two ways:

Changing your PIN

To make things even easier, once you’ve retrieved your PIN you can change it at any time via selected rediATM’s.

You’ll need your PIN to make purchases at point of sale and to withdraw cash at ATMs. We recommend you memorise your card PIN to prevent unauthorised use of your Qantas Cash facility, but don’t worry, if you forget your PIN you can retrieve it simply by logging into your Qantas Cash facility and selecting ‘Card Settings’.

Find your nearest rediATM

Use the ATM locator tool below to find your nearest participating rediATM where you will be able to change your current PIN.

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