Load money

Loading money onto your Qantas Cash prepaid travel money card is easy, with fee free load options available5.

Choose from the following three options and always have funds at the ready:

  1. Instant Load: funds available immediately9
  2. Bank Transfer: funds available the next business day8
  3. BPAY®: funds available within 2-3 business days

Instant Load

Need to access your funds immediately? Simply select 'Instant Load' when loading via the Qantas Cash website, and for a fee of just 1%, you can use your MasterCard® debit card or Visa debit card to load funds instantaneously.

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Bank Transfer

Loading directly via your bank account using Bank Transfer is a great way to load or top-up your balance, plus it's free!5 Just select ‘Bank Transfer’ when loading via the Qantas Cash website. Select the currencies and amounts you wish to load in three easy steps, and then complete the transfer via your personal bank account. Simple! Do so prior to 2pm AEST/AEDST Monday to Friday, and your funds will be available the next business day8.

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Top tips

> Lock & load! When you load via Qantascash.com, you can lock in your exchange rate3 on up to 10 loadable currencies4 before you head off, giving you peace of mind that even if the rates move up or down whilst you’re away, your preloaded currency won’t. This means that you’ll always know exactly how much money you have available to spend. To find out more, or to view our rates click here.

> Love online shopping? Having foreign currency already loaded will also mean you’ll be ready to snap up an online bargain the moment your favourite international retailer has a sale.

> Topping up whilst away?If you’re planning on travelling and want to load directly onto your card in local currency via your internet or telephone banking whilst you’re away, changing your default currency lets you do just that. Simply login to Your Account and select ‘Load Settings’ to change your default currency, and to obtain your unique payment details which you’ll need to complete the load. Learn more about your default currency here.

> Load AUD, spend worldwide. Headed to a country where we don’t offer a locked in rate? We’ve still got you covered – simply load up with Aussie dollars and spend in local currency wherever you are in the world2. To find out more, or to view our rates click here.